Ever seen a beautiful picture that paints a person under a tree in a nice sunny day quietly reading a book by themselves? Whenever that picture comes into your mind, you immediately submerge yourself in the beautiful picture (at least, I did). But for some reason, in reality, you just can’t seem to find that place! Now that bothers me. I’ve honestly tried reading a book outdoors on a sunny day. What happens? The sun gets in my eyes! If not, the grass field underneath the tree prickles my butt and legs. Or maybe, the chilly wind takes off at 100 mph that I simply can’t stay for more than 10 minutes. It could possibly be just me who gets annoyed reading outdoors. But for the ones who have the same problems as I do, what are the best places to read a book?

1. Coffee Shop

2014-04-07 14.44.26Yes, I know the place I picked is kind of lame. But I added this because reading at a coffee shop never fails me. Besides the time when I get super sleepy and distracted by my phone, I could actually focus reading the book. When you pick which coffee shop is the best one, make sure it is not as dim lighted like the ones in Starbucks, or as noisy as eating in Greek restaurants; both can create distractions when reading a book. Also, understand which kind of coffee from different stores do to you. For example, I know that coffee from store A and B can give me headaches, and store C might make my “digestive system move faster than normal”. So to be safe, I order tea instead.

Best time to go: Night time.

Tips: Put your phone on silent, not vibrate. Order tea instead of coffee.

2. Food Court

Sounds odd? For sure! Now, I know that some people might be thinking, “out of anywhere, you picked the food court?” Totally, and out of the five, I think that this is the best place to read too! When I read a book or study, I notice that the level of noise doesn’t really matter much. What matters the most is the variation of the noise levels that I have a problem dealing with! For myself, I get distracted when the environment around me is influenced by less than 10 people. It’s because I can clearly hear what they’re talking about. But in the food court, there’s definitely more than 10 people; this allows all the noises made in the food court turn static, and everything just buzzesAnd if you still don’t agree with me on this one, you have to agree that it is way better than sitting on the grass field!

Best time to go: Anytime the food court is open!

Tips: Find a spot that is not beside a large group of people.

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3. In Your Car

Again, another weird location I picked. But why do I say in a car? There are tons of reasons. Firstly, you are in an 2014-04-07 13.37.26enclosed area in which you are alone. And, in order to enjoy reading, you gotta find a spot where you can spend time alone! Also, why would you be reading when you’re not alone anyway? Secondly, it is quiet. Your car basically blocks out the unwanted noise for you whether you’re in the streets of downtown or in front of your office building. It’s a perfect little space when you’re on a break too! Thirdly, the magic of reclining seats in your car. Isn’t that the most wonderful thing ever invented? Instead of sitting on an upright chair, you can recline your seat to make your car look spacious and comfortable. Make yourself a mini bed if you can too.

Best time to go: Anytime

Tips: Remember to bring some blankets if you know you’ll get cold.

4. In the Airport

In the airport. Hm, Lisa, why do you keep picking places that makes the least sense? To be honest, this is probably just my personal favourite. To me, I feel very emotionally attached to the airport. From my childhood, the airport is always a place where I either hate or love. It’s a place where my dad leaves home for a very long time, and when he comes back home to visit me for a few weeks. The airport always brings back the memories, and I believe that for some of you, you might feel the same way. And so if I’m reading a book that is filled with emotions, I would choose the airport.

Best time to go: Whenever the airport is opened.

Tips: Find a comfortable bench in a quiet area.

5. The Obvious, On Your Bed

Yes, on your bed. First of all, your bed is the most comfortable place in the world. And that’s why, some of you might disagree with me. It’s common sense, won’t you fall asleep reading on a bed? But really, you only fall asleep when you’re not interested in the book, or you’re just simply too sleepy before you flip open the pages. So, remember to reserve some energy before you read. Here’s a page on how to find the right book to read.

Best time to go: Anytime when it’s quiet. My personal recommendation: before you sleep.

Tips: Pay attention to what your body tells you. Is your body too tired for a read?

So, here are my 5 recommended places on reading a book. Hope this is a resourceful guideline to you all! Enjoy and God bless. =)


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