Many of you, like me, always have trouble finding great short books to read. Through my journey on finding “just the right” type of book, I personally realized that the problem is not about the book, but about yourself. Have you guys ever felt like you can finish the book when you purchase it, but you never did? That’s me for sure! Sometimes, I get too arrogant and overestimate myself of my ability to do so! So here are some of the tips I’d like to recommend before you bring that book to the cash register:

1. Understand what you enjoy reading the most.

Although it may sound simple, I always tend to overlook this point. I am sure a lot of you can relate to me too:


forgetting what kind of books I enjoy. This might be the main culprit of why I can never finish a book. So here is my first suggestion: find out what book you enjoy reading the most. Think back in the school days, or even just a few days ago. Why did you enjoy the book? Was it the descriptive techniques the author used in his book, or was it the genre of the book? Figure that out first and make your decision.

2. Recall the time when it didn’t feel long to finish the book.

Remember that time when you stayed up ’til 5:00am in the morning to finish the book? I am sure you did that. And now I ask you, why didn’t it feel so long? Well, there are really three reasons to it. You either 1.) need to return the book back to the library or your friend, 2.) have an exam for it the next morning, or 3.) simply enjoyed reading whatever that is written in your book. In contrast, was there a time it felt like you can never finish the book? Yes! And it is clear that the kinds of books that make you wonder how much you have left to read are certainly not right for you!

3. The “Five-Words-A-Page” test.

When you purchase new books, I recommend you to check out and see if you can actually understand the book. And for myself, I have a really low, low reading level. Sometimes, I even misinterpret the events in the novels I’ve read back in high school! Everyone’s reading level/skill is different, so don’t be shameful — that means there’s always room for improvement! Now back to the test I wanted to talk about: the “Five-Words-A-Page” test. It was probably the only thing I remember back in primary school. It is a test to see whether or not the book is right for you to read. First of all, you randomly flip open a page in the middle of the book. Read it. If there is more than five words you don’t understand, then the book is a little too challenging for you. After all, how can you enjoy a book that is filled with vocabulary you don’t understand? I suggest you to do this simple test to see whether or not the book you are holding is right for you.

So here are the three main tips I give you when you are finding the “just the right” book. Now remember to keep these tips the next time you purchase your books!

Oh, and one more thing. For five years of being a university student, I constantly search everywhere on the site to find cheap books. Here is a link for which is always the first stop I go to when buying used books!

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