Yes, yes I know. Many of you might be thinking why I am talking about health concerns while this blog should be about reading books. But hey, if I can help you guys solve a day-to-day problem like finding new ways to fall asleep faster, why not? In fact, I would be pleased to help you out with it! After all, not having enough sleep can indirectly affect your reading habits. A horrible sleep on the night before can take its toll on you throughout the next day. And by the time you are free to flip open a book, you wouldn’t even have enough energy left to read! I want to make sure that that won’t happen. So, here are my five tips on how to fall asleep fast.

1. Listen to ocean waves or rain sounds, but not thunder sounds.

This is my very first tip for anyone who has trouble sleeping. Now, thanks to Youtube that we can finally enjoy any kind of audio we want. As I recall, it was during my first year at University that I started using rain sounds as an aid to help me sleep faster. I had a terrible sleeping schedule back then because of the consistent late night rush to finish my assignments. On top of that, I was living in a dorm with a super uncomfortable bed that is totally incomparable to the one I had back home. And that’s how I figured out this easy way to help me sleep faster, so I can be on time for class the next day. Try it for yourself! Oh, and to add on, I find that the most effective sound is rain with no thunder; thunder sounds are sometimes too loud, making it even harder to sleep through.

Tips: Rain sounds with no music and no thunder. Choose the ones that are between 1 to 5 hours long.

Click here to listen to a sample video I’ve found from Youtube.

2. Listen to a few sermons (preferrably Andy Stanley) on Youtube.

This is totally a “one stone two birds” tip for me. Not only do I get to fall asleep faster, but in a way I get to learn more about God! Oh, but don’t get me wrong. His sermons are great! You can probably choose any other similar kinds of audio talks as well, as long as there is no background music. I just chose Andy Stanley specifically because I find all his sermons quite inspiring. Ideally, choose an audio that is over 30 minutes long, just so you have enough time to fall asleep. And to clarify, if I do fall asleep in the middle of his sermon, I go back to where I left off the next day to continue on. After all, I wouldn’t want to miss anything important. 🙂

Tips: Play it on minimal volume.

3. Play your own recordings.

Okay, this tip is probably a weird tip. But, I’ve done it a million times back in high school and it works all the time. So, what exactly do you do (or, did I do)? First, you record yourself singing (with or without background music). Optional: make sure no one else is around you. Save, and compile them into a playlist. Play it when you have trouble sleeping.

How did I even come up with this tip? Well, long story short, I was trying to improve my singing. Miraculously, it kind of worked. And after fooling around with it on my bed, I just suddenly fell asleep to my own lullaby.

Tips: Play it on minimal volume. You don’t want to scare off your roommates or your parents.

Eva & Steven_0473

4. “Relive” your moments or create a story in your mind. AKA daydreaming.

Yup! I’m telling you to do whatever you used to do when you stare into space in class. Although some articles recommend you to let your brain “relax” before you sleep, I personally find that using your brain to daydream helps me sleep. Go ahead, try it for yourself. Let me know if this method works for you or not. 🙂

Tips: Focus on something pleasant. You don’t want your dream to become a nightmare!

5. Don’t exercise before you sleep.

I saved this tip for the last because I honestly don’t think that this tip is as effective as the ones I’ve mentioned above. But, I do want to mention it anyway just because there are some scientific reasoning behind it. So what is it? Every time you exercise, you obviously get your heart rate up. At the same time, your adrenaline level will increase, turning both your mind and your body away from the calmed and relaxed state.

Tips: Try to stay still in the same position, even if it’s hard to do so.

A little conclusion…

Hope all you guys find my tips interesting, despite a few random and weird ones that I’ve added on the list. Again, go ahead and give it a try! There’s nothing worst than not trying out these awesome tips. Good night everyone, enjoy your sleep! May God bless. 🙂

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