I’m sure every one of you has heard about Tinder, and I’ve definitely heard many, many Tinder stories. I mean, it is a fun app to meet people. And even if you’re not meeting someone, it is somewhat an entertainment to critique”real” pictures of people by swiping yes or no –  um, what has our world become to? Better yet, for sh*ts and giggles, you can chat to strangers – with no judgment of course, because they don’t even know who you are – about anything you’d like.

Don’t know what’s Tinder?tinder 2

If you are the 0.1% of the entire population who has never lived in this world before, here’s a small description of Tinder: it’s today’s go-to dating app that immediately matches you and your potentials once you guys say “yes” to each others’ profile pictures .

The girl spoke too loud.

Let me tell you what happened today. I was just sitting by the counter at a Starbucks in Vancouver downtown, just chilling and relaxing by myself, with a coffee beside me and a pen in my hand. Surrounding me were a few small round tables just chit chatting away. I suddenly heard one girl next to me saying out loud, “Tinder makes me realize I’m so racist. I swipe left to all except for white guys. My entire list was only filled with white guys.” Almost spilling my coffee, I spun around to take a peek and confirmed my presumption that she, herself, is also a Caucasian as well.

**Her friend obviously freaked out… the girl probably didn’t realize that she said it quite loudly.

Ah, yes, Tinder.

It’s true, actually! Tinder is really a very clever idea to start off with as a mobile app. The fun to it is pretty much you get to judge others around you – unfortunately that is something we, as humans, always do subconsciously even though we know it’s “wrong”. I do sincerely believe that you can never ever, possibly, ever stop criticizing others around you, nevertheless on the people you’d like to connect with. And not even in the dating game, people do like to critique others on their race . To me, it can be statistically proven that discrimination is somewhat a natural way for your mind to read what other people are. Like a protection mechanism that launches in your brain. I don’t really think it’s a problem if you act upon bad judgments on how someone before you get to meet them. And that’s also why there are cliques that you hang around with the ones who look similar to you. , but it can definitely not really a problem, it’s how your mind thinks when you want to read others.

Oh, and on top of that, an ego booster if you do get a match. And that also brings you a chance to talk to the man/girl of your dreams immediately.

Girls vs. Guys

Now back on to the Tinder game. The tactic most of my guy friends use is to swipe right to all girls. This way, they get to pick and choose all the girls from their matches and initialize the talk to them if they find them decent. But the girls, on the other hand, get to actually pick and choose on the swiping stage. Now, isn’t that funny? Reflecting this on today’s generation, here’s the hint: relax girls, you still get to rule the dating world. 😉

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