So, you might’ve noticed that this blog is under the tab “Book Reviews.” But by the time you’ve reached here, you obviously know that it is not about any top business books, or top relationship books, etc. Instead, I will be sharing with you some of my experiences with — the supplier of my cheap books!

So, how did I hear about AbeBooks?

Well, the first time I’ve seen was probably from some kind of Google ad. That was probably around four or five years back when I tried to find an online place to buy cheap books. I totally dismissed the ad and went on to other websites like,, and Amazon.

It was until last year that I made my first purchase from AbeBooks. Believe it or not, it What colour is your parachutewas actually my Business professor who referred me to the site. I was asking him for some advices on how to improve my resume, how to find a job, what employers are looking for, and etc. He referred me to the book, What Colour Is Your Parachute?, and also told me to look it up through Abebooks.

Books, DVDs, Card Decks and MORE by Esther and Jerry Hicks, are they reliable?

Yes! The first book I bought from AbeBooks is a slightly used book and I believed it was shipped from the UK. (On the side note, I found out that many of the online shops from UK have free shipping). As I recall, shipping took approximately one or two weeks for that book (pretty fast for me), but it may depend on the locations and the booksellers. As for the price that I bought for the book, it costed me less than $5 CAD with shipping included. What a bargain! In fact, whenever I want to purchase a book now, I would always compare my prices to AbeBooks.

I continued to use AbeBooks to buy my other textbooks that I needed. The most recent textbook I bought from them saved me around $70 CAD! At the time, I had to buy  a 2013, newly revised textbook I needed for my Business class. And since there were none of them from the used textbooks sites, I thought my game of saving was over. But, ta-da! The price of $50, of what could be $120+, is available to buy for a new one! On top of that, it took less than a week for me to receive it. I ended up referring all of my friends who were taking the same class as me to buy those textbooks from AbeBooks.

Amazon, or AbeBooks?

Of course, all of you are familiar with Amazon. It’s such a big company that grew rapidly during these years. But unfortunately, I would still prefer to buy books from AbeBooks over Amazon simply because of the prices and its book variety. Well, to be fair, Amazon’s focus is not about books anymore, but about a range of other products as well. So if you’re only looking to buy books, is the way to go.


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