Hi guys!

Seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve written short post on my blog! Coincidentally, the last blog post I wrote was also on the edge after the seasonal change too. Intended? Maybe season changes brings the creativity inside me. But now that Winter is going and the blossoming Spring is hitting along, I feel like it’s time to get a fresh new start again!

Inspired by AClearThoughtBlog’s Spring Goals, I’d like to create one of my own. Since I totally missed out on my New Year’s Resolution, I’d like to make up for it and set the list of goals now – after all, it’s never too late to create your new goals!

My Spring Year Resolution:

  1. Going back to God. I admit that it’s been two years since I’ve committed myself to my church. The church was like my family before things have happened that made me feel I needed to leave. I feel very distant from Him right now, and so I want to dedicate some time for God and to rely on Him once again. And hopefully when I read this post again, I’ll be able to revisit this thought.
  2. Taking my meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch on weekdays until Summer. Well, Spring is coming and that means hot sunny Summer is on her way as well! Since I haven’t been taking care of my body lately, I’d definitely like to tone up now for the wishful bikini body. I’ll also be reviewing some of my body changes with these meal replacements and how I feel about their product!
  3. Write a blog post at least once every couple weeks about anything. Pretty much any blogger’s goal is to come up with blog posts every x amount of days, weeks, months, etc. My goal is every two weeks. That shouldn’t be too hard I hope!
  4. Become self-disciplined once again by focusing a task. I like to be self-disciplined in any way as possible – it’s a tough goal and it makes me focus. It also boosts my self confidence when I learn I can be capable to finish a task and prove myself to it.
  5. Analyze a piece of data that I can share about on my article. If you guys have read about my background on my blog, you might have realized that I obtained a Statistics degree a couple years back. Unfortunately, my career has nothing to do with Statistics and that is somewhat unfulfilling. I want to use this goal to prove to myself that I am still capable of making something useful from my four year education. This task will definitely be challenging since I haven’t worked with any statistical resources after I graduated, but at the same time it shouldn’t be a problem to accomplish.

Please, do this for me! I’d like you to put down your thoughts on your Spring Goals and let me know through Twitter @missLerng!

Date to reflect this list of goal: June 20th (first day of Summer in PST)

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