YYoga – Highly Recommended

Hatha, Flow, Power, YHot, and YSculpt

Beginner Price: $40 for first month (unlimited) on their site

Regular Price: $120 per month, or volunteer for free classes!

YYoga is probably my favourite out of the list! They offer a variety of Yoga lessons made to accommodate for all age and all levels, from a relaxed, stress-relieving Yoga session to a vigorous, sweaty workout. Depending if you’re looking to tone your body or just do some nice, deep stretches, YYoga pretty much has everything.

Hatha, for example, is a more relaxed and gentle Yoga that is great for the elderly, beginners and even the ones who have had permanent injuries or bad joint pains. More intensive ones such as Hot and Power are designed for the ones who have more flexibility and strength. There are also other active classes available such as YSculpt to those who are looking to break some sweat and tone up their body.

What I also love about them is their various locations and time schedules throughout Metro Vancouver. Not only do they offer classes to different types of people, the instructors teach various kinds of poses each time. Unlike Bikram, you can expect a different class experience every time you walk in!

Bikram Yoga – Recommended

Hot Yoga

Beginner Price: $32 for first month (unlimited) or $45 for first ten classes on Groupon

Regular Price: $120 per month starting, or volunteer for free classes!

Bikram Yoga is actually my very first Yoga experience. I started my first few classes with them when I was only 14 years old, and I’m grateful that I started early!

Bikram is famously known for their long and intensive 90 minute class of hot Yoga sessions. During each class, there are 26 postures with each one holding in one minute and 30 second intervals.  Instructors keep an eye out for you especially if you’re a beginner and help you adjust your poses. You are more than welcome to lie down and rest if you are unable to keep up with the pace, but they are quite strict on people leaving and entering the room during the 90 minute session as it usually interrupts the rest of the class experience. One thing I dislike about Bikram is that each class is always the same – which can be extremely boring after three or four classes.

My flexibility has actually improved substantially because of Bikram, and I’ve also built a LOT of muscle in my thigh area. Bikram has definitely set a strong foundation for me, but I would suggest something else if you are not prepared for an intense Yoga session.

PUR Movement – Highly Recommended

Zumba, Barre, and Sexy Stilettos

Beginner Price: $49 for first month (unlimited) on Groupon

Regular Price: $135 per month

I tried out PUR Movement back in the summer of 2015. Since then, they offered more variety of classes in the studio. Thankfully, I was able to try out their Zumba, Barre, and Sexy Stilettos class.

My very first class at PUR Movement was Zumba, and it was also my very first Zumba class. For those of you who have never attended one before, you pretty much try to keep up with your instructor’s steps throughout the lesson. All thanks to my horrible hand-eye coordination, I had a really hard time following my instructor. But it was actually a very fun and enjoyable experience!

PUR Barre was actually my favourite class at the studio! It’s more of a strengthening and toning exercise rather than a cardiovascular one, however you’ll be surprised how sweaty you can get. I prefer taking Amanda’s classes since she does way more toning on your butt and legs – and you’ll absolutely love it.

Each Sexy Stilettos class is split into two parts. They do a bit of warm up and exercises for the first half hour, then it becomes a typical dance class for the second half hour. I was a little disappointed since I was looking for a full hour sweat-breaking work out and was interrupted after the first 30 minute. But if you do enjoy dancing to songs and look sexy to it, then this could be a perfect class for you!

Fusion Fitness – Not Recommended


Beginner Price: $40 for first ten classes on Groupon

Regular Price: $35 per class

To start off, lessons at Fusion Fitness are actually not too bad. Shannon is a really nice instructor who is unfortunately working with/for a highly unorganized owner. They are a newly opened franchise that just got into the Canadian market. Regrettably, due to their location and class times, students have trouble finding the studio and getting inside. On top of that, there’s no time or space for you to change there – you would need to prep and be there at exactly the start of the class. If you arrive too early, you will need to stand outside and wait for someone to come get you, but if you arrive late, you would miss the start of the class. I suggest that they should either relocate, hire more people to help, or schedule times so that students can easily access in and out of the center.

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I hope you guys enjoyed my reviews on these fitness classes, feel free to send me an e-mail on which one you liked the best!



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