Now, at first I was pretty skeptical on how an app on your phone can effectively help you lose weight. I mean, weight loss apps aren’t edible and it’s not going to bite you. So, how does it actually help you lose weight?

That’s what I thought at first. But I decided to go ahead and give it a try since it’s free and it was in the high 4.5 star range. No harm in trying it out anyway!

Lo and behold, I was pretty shocked and surprised how this app worked for me! I finally understood why this is an awesome app.

Normally, when you’re on a weight loss diet plan, you usually plan out what to eat ahead of time. As for me, I do most of that in my head (like many others) and go about my day.

The problem is that I don’t actually record how much I eat and how many calories I took in. I’ve watched many, and I mean hundreds of those British dieting and weight loss TV shows (eg. Supersize VS Superskinny, etc.) and never have I thought I would fall into the same huge mistake as well. These mistakes include sneaking in unhealthy snacks between each meals. I’ve always thought, why didn’t I lose weight even though I’ve been eating so less? How did I gain that two pounds back even after my careful and healthy eating?


And now I introduce my lifesaver app: MyFitnessPal. This thing actually calculates every single calorie you ate. All you do is set up your account by entering a few numbers (*ahem, your weight), and it will tell you how many calories you should take each day. The number of calories it calculates depend on a few factors: how much you want to lose or maintain, how fast you want to lose it, your current height and weight, and your amount of exercise each day. Every day, you’ll need to spend a couple minutes to input your foods and serving numbers correctly (I normally do this in the bathroom :P). At the end, you’ll be able to see how much you’ve actually ate. And this is when my shock came in – I’ve never realized that my snacking added another 50% of calorie intake!


Some may say, it’s not a bad thing to snack throughout the day. That is absolutely correct, but only do so if you know these snacks are healthy (very nutritious) and good for you! I’ve switched up those high fat, high calorie Tim Hortons cookies to some pretty delicious Coconut Cashew Protein Bars. These bars contain very high nutritional values and are very different from the sugary cereal bars you find in a Superstore aisle.

At the end, I ended up losing 10 pounds in two months (not a bad rate!) after snacking healthily and using MyFitnessPal app. I also came to realize that the app doesn’t jump out to bite or yell at you, but helps you become more aware of what you put in your mouth.

Please note that I am not in any way affiliated to the app downloads. Thought it is an awesome app so I just had to share!

Leave me a note or your thoughts 😉

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