Every now and then your friends may tell you to change your mentality, but have you guys ever wondered how you should? Some people believe that changing mentality is always a good direction to go, but how, and why? Conversely, some might think, there’s nothing wrong with me, so why should I change?

My opinion.

First of all, I found out that the only way to improve myself is to undergo change. Mindset, specifically. If you are unable to change the way you think, you have just limited yourself to maximize your full potential. What kind of potential? Everything. Career, belief, family, relationships, basically everything.

Just a recap…

2014-04-12 17.11.02As I go on with this article, I want to mention that my thoughts are based on the book that I’ve just read, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck. If you guys still haven’t read the book review I’ve done, please click here. I’ve decided to write something more about the book because I felt like I’ve understated the meaning and purpose of the book on my review. So now I’m going for another chance of why I think this book can significantly affect you.

Let me briefly remind you again the psychological theory of this book. Fixed mindset is when one believes that everyone has a limit to develop his or her abilities. Growth mindset is when one understands that any kinds of abilities can be developed for anyone. It is important to understand that everyone should switch from fixed mindset to growth mindset in order not to only improve themselves, but to positively impact others around them as well.

Here is a given situation:

You’ve just graduated from your major and are currently in a position looking for employment. You’ve been working on your resume for the entire year, consistently changing bits of information to improve the quality of your resume. In the meantime, you’ve also been applying on Craigslist, Indeed.com, LinkedIn, and many other websites and social media. Unfortunately, you have no response on the positions you are interested in, but you also realize that these positions require more than just a bachelor’s degree.

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How would you respond?

Fixed mindset: Wow, I’m having such a hard time finding a job. They require so much more than the bachelor’s degree! I don’t think I can learn all these extra stuff. I’ll start applying for something else, even though I might not enjoy it as much.

Growth mindset: It seems like there is something wrong either with my resume or cover letter. Tomorrow after breakfast, I will head to a coffee shop to fix my resume, and research on what other skills I should learn in order to appeal more to the employers. I will learn those skills through online classes or learn them on my own.

Understand the difference?

A person with a fixed mindset tend to feel that their abilities are limited. Because of that mentality, they don’t put 100% of their effort into learning new skills. Similarly, they tend to give up easily when they start to think that their abilities aren’t good enough. At times, they might even start making excuses or blame other factors that were hindering their successes. From the example above, you can easily tell that that person did not want to work 100% for the job they dreamed of. Instead, they try to find easier alternatives just “to get by”.

On the other hand, growth mindset believes that they can develop any kind of skills. Whenever they meet an obstacle, they will spend time and effort to look back on their work, recognize any mistakes, and correct them. They are unafraid of any criticisms. They value effort and enjoy working on any challenges. In fact, they see any kind of “failure” as just another obstacle point. From the example, you can see that this person has a detailed plan to overcome their obstacle point. This will ultimately lead them to develop a new set of skills which will provide a better chance to reach their goals.


According to the experimental and historical studies in the book, you see that anyone who has a growth mindset tend to succeed more than the ones who has a fixed mindset. Of course, the brief example above was just to illustrate the idea between the two mindsets. It does take a lot of time and courage to change the way you think, but I hope that this blog had explain why you should have a growth mindset. Growth mindset truly unlocks your limit of learning new skills, and it will never be too late to do so. Hope you enjoyed this article. Many thanks and God bless! =)

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