On this one random day I was browsing through my Facebook newsfeed, and found out that OneHundredDollarsAMonth was listing some free online Amazon e-books. Soon enough, I downloaded two free e-books, one of them a horror/thriller short story fiction book, and I started reading that on my train back home. It took around a week for me to finish, an hour each day.

  • 299 pages on Amazon
  • 5/5 star ratings on Amazon.ca
  • Not hard to read at all
  • Short survival story

Ok, so how should I comment this book? Well, let’s say I enjoyed it as much as eating spaghetti and meatballs. The first bit was pretty exciting, but after a few chapters in, it feels bland. To be honest, I wouldn’t particularly want to read other sequels or prequels following the book (and I realized there were quite a lot of them afterward). There isn’t any wow factor in the storyline and there weren’t any unique or “juicy” elements in the book. Every time I flip through the pages, I’ve always wondered when the book ends or if some crazy ass big thing is going to happen – but that never happened.

The book cover illustrates some kind of creepiness factor in it (yeah I guess I am judging a book by its cover) but it’s not as terrifying as you think it would be. I personally wouldn’t recommend this book to readers who love horror books – I will go for a Goosebumps series over this.

How the book is written

Eleven, Twelve… Dig and Delve Book Cover

What was interesting was that each chapter of the book is either written in first POV or third POV. The first chapter started off as a third POV, but after a short introduction, the author introduced the main character as first POV. This is actually the first book I’ve ever read that was written in both views – it reminds me of the movies or TV episodes where the main character narrates as well. The author’s writing is understandable and easy to read, much like Fifty Shades of Grey but slightly more tasteful. This book would actually make a great horror/thriller movie.

It’s pretty much a survival story – highly recommend if you liked the Hatchet or Lord of the Flies. It starts off by telling stories behind each family living in the same neighborhood. As the story progresses, more secrets unravel. This was rather a neat element I appreciate the author adding in, but it also led to another problem while I was reading – it was hard to remember who is associated with who and what happened to each family.

If you guys would like to give it a try (it’s free anyway), here is the link for Eleven Twelve… Dig and Delve by Willow Rose.

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