Ok, so I happen to stumble upon an erotic romance novel that is totally another Fifty Shades of Grey but better. Now, to be honest, I really wasn’t aware that this book is an erotic novel when I got it. It wasn’t until a few chapters in that I realized it has some rated R scenes. Lol!

Brief Introduction

This book is pretty much a typical young adult romance novel with a few sex scenes poppin’ up here and there. It’s a story behind Alexa Reed’s perspective, a young lady who meets a Spanish wealthy man, Julian, who happens to be young, hot, and charismatic. Throughout the book, the author illustrates Alexa’s internal battle with her traumatizing past in the midst of her and Julian’s romantic relationship. You wouldn’t know exactly what Alexa has gone through with her ex-boyfriend, Brady, until the end, but it was is clear enough to say that she went through something that is enough to jeopardize their relationship.

How I feel towards this book

This book is awesome! No lies on Amazon’s high ratings on this book. I literally couldn’t stop reading the book all day long – I was reading it on the train, during my break, and even when I was walking home from work. I ended up finishing the book in three short days – I usually take at least two weeks to finish a book like that.

What I like about the book is that it doesn’t reveal everything about Alexa Reed immediately; Hilary Wynne did a great job on slowly exposing the true colors of her. She portrays Alexa Reed as a party girl who loved to dance and have fun with her friends at the beginning of the book, but by the end of the book she describes how Alexa Reed can be a totally transformed person with her past. The author expresses Alexa Reed’s emotions quite consistently – it seems as if the author herself has been through the same thing! Easy to relate and understand Alexa Reed’s emotions and actions. The book keeps me on my toes for sure. You would always wonder what’s going on in Alexa’s mind, and it won’t be until the last page of the book that you can actually put the book down.

My thoughts – SPOILER ALERT

When I was reading through each chapter of the book, Alexa resembles how I (and possibly every other girl) would feel every time I struggle with challenges in life – I tend to have the urge to find distractions and run away from reality. The internal struggle the author portrays her is very real, unlike the fictional persona of Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey – I really don’t understand why Anastasia feels like she MUST take up the challenge for Christian Grey’s abusive sex. In my opinion, Stay wins in each and every way by FAR.

BookBub Praise!

I found this ebook for a dollar on Amazon through BookBub – a daily newsletter subscription that sends you ebook bargains. Normally, I wouldn’t pay for any ebooks especially when I get most of mine for free, but the brief synopsis of this book convinced me to spend a dollar on it… and I’m glad I did.

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