Wow. It’s been a long time since the last book review. But anyway, I still made it! This time, I went ahead and walked into a public library to borrow Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James. To be honest, I was quite disappointed, and here’s why.

So, what triggered me to read the book?

Just around the end of July, I was just scrolling down my Facebook Newsfeed and saw that Fifty Shades of Grey is coming out soon in theatres. Whoa, I thought, this MUST be a great book! I mean, it’s produced into a movie! With all the fuss about the book and the praises I kept hearing, I decided to invest some of my free time and read the book.

Now what’s my impression about it?

It was horrible. Absolutely horrible. I couldn’t stop telling everyone that it was a disappointing read. How? The number one complain I have is the author’s writing. Throughout the book, I felt that I was reading something written by a high schooler who has absolutely no interest at all in storytelling. It’s almost like she was forced to write a short sex novel, so she decided to copy and paste the same sex scenes from time to time. Oh, and also add a couple of badly written fillers in between. On top of that, the adult content in this book did not at all reflect the writing. So, my question is, what happened?

Not to mention about the storyline the author came up with. It is also another horrendous mistake. Although I personally don’t mind an extremely fantasized plot in a book, it should’ve been at least interesting. In my opinion, the entire plot was quite boring; there was hardly any story until the last chapter. Well, I’ll give some creativity credits to E. L. James about Christian Grey’s hidden past, but basically the entire book was all about the two seeing each other and having sex. Very flat indeed.

A little summary.

If you guys still haven’t seen the trailer, it pretty much sums up the story. Anastasia Steele, an ordinary girl, meets Christian Grey, CEO of a crazy huge company. They fell in love, and starts a sex life. Little did she know, there is a story behind Christian Grey’s past. The book then gradually reveals his life before he became the young CEO of the Grey company.

The sequels??

So, I know that there is a second and third book as the Fifty Shades trilogy. I did continue on with the second book, but I totally stopped reading it after the first three chapters. It’s a bad habit, I know. I can’t guarantee if I will pick it up again, but of course I will let you guys know if I do!

Stay tuned. =)

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