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Many of you might wonder if toothpaste is a good home remedy technique to get rid of acne. Back in high school, I had terrible acne problems and I have tried almost everything to get rid of it. Online searches (ten years ago) told me that using toothpaste can dry out acne spots, and at the same time, eliminating and clearing all blackheads on your face. They told me to apply toothpaste face mask weekly, or dot a few drops on affected areas. But let me tell you one thing, toothpaste did nothing to my acne. In fact, it made it worse!


To be honest, I was pretty shocked to see a list of how-to’s on the first three Google Search Results when I typed in “mint toothpaste face mask”.:

mint toothpaste

I simply thought everyone knows that toothpaste doesn’t work.

(Ok, yes. Someone did say “DO NOT USE THIS AS A FACIAL MASK” on Yahoo Answers. I was happy!)

Now let’s see what that person has been through…

…using toothpaste as a facial mask causes discoloration and DRIES OUT THE SKIN BADLY. So don’t do that or you will walk around looking like the next Harliquin baby (youtube). I use acne free severe and now my skin is perfect… – Dreamlover M (Yahoo! Answers)

Well, let’s just say keep the toothpaste for your teeth. I really wouldn’t mind spending another $5 for a product that is made to use on your face.

Why do people recommend using toothpaste on acne, or pimples anyway?

After doing a little research, I realized that the whitening ingredients in the toothpaste are primarily made out of Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide, or both. Now, apparently, many studies have shown that these ingredients are effective for acne treatment, and they are also the main ingredients in the most well known, over-the-counter topical acne treatments. And I’ll say 95% of the acne products I own do have these ingredients in them.

So, why not the toothpaste?

One killer ingredient is the mint in your toothpaste. This is a HUGE no-no for acne! Mint irritates your acne-prone skin, causing another break out on top of the one you already have! It is definitely not suitable for everyone – especially those who have sensitive skin with bad acne.

And what else?

Have you also realized that it’s bad to brush your teeth for over an extended period of time? And that your enamel will eventually break down if you brush for too long in the long run? There’s just too much other harsh chemicals and different mixes that are added in your toothpaste. Toothpaste is not meant to be used over an extended period of time at once. And if your teeth can’t handle them, your skin wouldn’t be able to either.

Here’s an alternative (and cheap) product to treat your acne. Take a look at my post about Clean & Clear’s Persa-Gel 5.

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