Yay! Time to hit up some new 2014 makeup products! On this page, I will be reviewing one of NYC’s newest lipstick, NYC Expert Last Lip Color, for you guys.

Just today, I was roaming around the Wal-Mart beside my house to see whether they have stocked up some new products on the shelves. And ta-da! I found one of the cheapest deals I saw. Two for $3 lipsticks? My, oh my. I got two colours and tried them out.

2014-11-05 23.18.21

My first impression of NYC…

Well, the very first time I heard about NYC was back in high school. I was rummaging through the clearance basket in one of the cosmetic stores at Seattle Premium Outlet, and I purchased their nail polish for $1 USD. Took it home, and tried it on. Pretty nice! Turns out that NYC product qualities are relatively good due to its high pigmentations in all of their makeup products (along with their pretty awesome nail polishes). I then bought 10 more of their nail polishes at the US Wal-Mart because they were so worth it!

  • Price: 2 for $3 CAD (at Wal-Mart)
  • Highly pigmented
  • Soft product (uses up faster)
  • Tends to dry up lips after a while

Knowing that my lips tend to look way better with glossy colours, I grabbed #440 Creamy Caramel, and #433 Peach Fizz. Here are some selfies I took to compare:

2014-11-05 23.27.21Here is a shot of my normal lip colour just to give you guys a base to compare.









2014-11-05 23.30.56Here is #440 Creamy Caramel lip colour. I personally didn’t like this colour on myself. Although it was the lightest brownish-nude in the glossy section (on the shelf), I thought it was a little bit too dark. It was kind of a mismatch for the rest of my skin.








2014-11-05 23.43.11Here is #433 Peach Fizz lip colour. I loved this colour! I chose this colour because of it’s orangey-red which usually works well with darker skin tones. I’m glad it wasn’t as bright as the coral colours I’ve tried from Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip Butter, and it just added the simple glossy look I was looking for. Great deal for $1.50!







Now let’s talk about the product itself…

Overall, I did enjoy my purchase with these two lipsticks. However, here is a side note — if you guys have the same lip problem as me (my lips tend to peel after putting on any kind of lipstick), make sure you do apply some lip balm before hand! After all, you wouldn’t want to have coloured flaky lips on your first date ;). Also, please be careful not to apply any colour near your teeth — you will get some product on your teeth, and that will be embarrassing!

Please leave a comment below on what you think of these lipsticks!

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