Eyebrows are the frame of the face. In my opinion, I would say that a pair of carefully shaped eyebrows are much more important than a pair of meticulously drawn cat eyes. In fact, your eyebrows are one of the face features everyone would notice. They play an important role of communication, specifically through body language; they speak out all kinds of emotions without using any verbal communications. Let’s imagine us without eyebrows. It would be hard to read facial expressions, wouldn’t you agree?

So, let’s follow the guideline I’ve created on how to create a pair of beautiful brows!

2014-12-02 13.05.48

1. Here is a picture of my natural eyebrows. Before filling your eyebrows in, approximate the shape of your brows you want (ie. the length, the thickness, and the shape of your arch) If you have short brows like me, do not be afraid of drawing them longer! I personally like to extend the tails half an inch longer, and around half a centimetre on the front of my brows.


2014-12-02 13.07.542. Start at the middle of the arch with downward strokes. This way, you can define the arch and create a cleaner look. Work with your arch-to-tail section before filling in the front and the body of your eyebrows. At the same time, you can create an angle that fits with the look you wanted (ie. flatter angle for a cuter, casual look and a sharper angle for a sophisticated, edgy look). As in the picture, I have defined and created the “triangles” of my brows. (I also apologize with the discolouration in the photo!)

2014-12-02 13.08.333. After drawing in the tails, begin to draw (or outline) the front of your brows softly. With the dull pencil tip and warmed-up hands, I start to fill in the fronts of my eyebrows after the tails. This way, I can create softer lines at the front, making sure that my brows are coloured in from light to dark.



2014-12-02 13.08.594. Use long strokes on the bottom of your brows to outline and define the shape. This creates a clean and polished look for your brows.





2014-12-02 13.09.565. Fill in the middle. The middle section between the top and bottom of your brows should be slightly darker. You can also use an eyebrow powder to enhance the middle portion of your brows. Powder also acts as an extra protective layer on the pencil colour so it won’t come off easily throughout the day.



2014-12-02 13.11.106. If the colour seems too dark or the lines are too harsh, use an eyebrow brush or a q-tip to lighten it. Many professionals suggest your eyebrows to be two or three shades lighter than your hair colour. I personally choose a dark brown colour as my default colour. Because I tend to draw on thicker brows, I would always soften my shade a bit after filling them in.


2014-11-23 15.25.357. Here is my typical everyday makeup look! To finish it all off, I would use a light eyebrow powder (or a transparent powder) on top of my finished brows. I do this to keep the shine of my brows out of the way, and to make them last longer (as mentioned above).







Hopefully you guys enjoyed my mini 7-step guideline on how to draw eyebrows! Please feel free to leave any comments below!

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