Now, I know that a lot of makeup gurus recommend Rimmel’s Professional Eyebrow Pencil, but I was really disappointed when I first tried their tester at Shopper’s Drug Mart. So, why is it? Here’s my personal review on Rimmel’s Eyebrow Pencil.

What was the background story?

It was around a few months ago when I tried Rimmel’s eyebrow pencil. With a huge variety of makeup products at Shopper’s Drug Mart, I thought I could find a bunch of different eyebrow pencils. But to my surprise, I only found three. Well, that was kind of a disappointment.

Here’s some tips when searching for eyebrow pencils:

  1. Find a colour similar to your hair root, and
  2. Find a pencil that does not go on as pigmented as an eyelinerespecially for beginners

Since I was shopping for an eyebrow pencil for my friend, I needed to find some kind of a dark brown eyebrow pencil that matches her hair colour, which was #001 Dark Brown.

So, I went ahead and tested the colour on her eyebrows. Ew. Why is the colour totally different from the colour marked on the pencil? The “brown” is basically a very red copper colour; it looked like a 10-year-old eyebrow tattoo that is wearing off. Though the consistency of the eyebrow pencil was ideal, I really hated the colour. I put the tester back right away after trying it on, and I didn’t even bother trying the other colours!

2014-11-07 02.46.34Here is a swatch to see the differences between my default eyebrow pencil and the Rimmel’s eyebrow pencil. To the right is Rimmel’s Professional Eyebrow Pencil in #001 Dark Brown and to the left is my $5 CAD Heroine Eyebrow Pencil. Do you see the red tone in comparison to the left?








So, why the hype about Rimmel’s eyebrow pencil?

I can only guess why. Besides the colour, the quality of the pencil was pretty much what I was looking for. It also came with a small brush at the tip of the cap. The brush can be used to “smudge” the colour a bit, softening the strokes you make on your eyebrows. It was also the only pencil that comes with a brush. However, I don’t use brushes on my eyebrows; I purposely leave my pencil tip a little dull, creating softer strokes when I apply it. Other than these two qualities I liked about the pencil, there really is nothing else to compliment about. So, I would assume that due to the lack of options there are in the market, everyone sought Rimmel’s eyebrow pencil as one of the best ones.

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