Here I am to tell you guys about Clean and Clear’s Persa-Gel 5. This is an over-the-counter product that is the key to completely get rid of acne fast. It is one of the many benzoyl peroxide gels that are cheap to get; however, there are some side effects on it. Let me suggest you some tips on how to properly use benzoyl peroxide gels.

  • Price: Low (approximately $6 ~ $7 CAD)20141103_175717
  • Effective: High
  • Recommendation: Yes!

How to properly use benzoyl peroxide gels:

  1. Watch the amount you use! When I first used the cream, I was told to use the same amounts as a moisturizer. But this is NOT a moisturizer, it is a very strong cream intended to use on effected areas. So please watch out how much you put on your face!
  2. Be aware of your city’s weather conditions. This point only applies to all the cities that usually have a long term dry weather. Countries such as Canada, and most northern European countries should be aware of the usage of benzoyl peroxides. Benzoyl peroxides tend to dry out your skin a lot, so start off with a low amount.
  3. Do not use around your eyes. Because benzoyl peroxides is quite a strong chemical, it will definitely irritate your thin and sensitive skin around your eyes. A lot of people had side effects around the eyes first, so be careful!
  4. Use cotton swabs. Everyone tends to apply moisturizer with their fingertips. So in case you want to use a moisturizer on top of the benzoyl peroxide, you would need to use cotton swabs to apply the gel. Apply moisturizer around your eyes first before the rest of the areas.
  5. Use Vaseline (petroleum jelly) in case of eye dermatitis. In the case of eye dermatitis (ie. red, flaky, swollen, irritated eyelids), use vaseline to soothe and rehydrate your skin.

My experience with the Persa-Gel 5

As I was researching about how to get rid of acne pit scars, I came across with using a chemical peel as a 20141103_175830solution. One of the top search results that keep popping up was benzoyl peroxide. That was how I decided to give it a try.

So, I went by Wal-Mart and purchased it for about $6 CAD + taxes. I was so excited to use it and immediately applied on my cheeks, nose and jawline. I was really careful not to touch my eyes, but two days later I eventually got the symptoms of eye dermatitis.

Although the acne and acne marks that were on my face disappeared within less than 48 hours, my eyelids started to turn pink and flaky. I immediately stopped using it and started to use huge amounts of different moisturizers (aloe gels, cucumber sprays, and even sunscreen). Unfortunately, all of them irritated and stung my eyelids a lot. One night, my eyelids were so swollen that I couldn’t open my eyes, so then I decided to use vaseline.

Vaseline helped the dried, flaky, and swollen eyelids I had. It was the only moisturizer that didn’t sting my eyelids. It also reduced the swelling almost immediately. Although my doctor suggested me to replace Vaseline with Glaxal Base because of its greasy texture, I still personally prefer the petroleum jelly I was using.

My recommendation

Overall, I loved the product. It has done what it was intended for, but with a side effect that needed to be taken care of. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, but please also be careful when using it!

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