Looking for the best everyday moisturizer for acne prone skin? This is a must have product that I have been telling all my friends about! Not only is it a non oily moisturizer, it’s also something that gets rid of the shine on your forehead! Let me tell you more about it.

  • Price: Low (approximately $7 CAD in Wal-Mart)2014-11-03 18.10.27
  • Effective: Moderate (need to be devoted!)
  • Recommendation: Yes!

The picture shown here is actually my third bottle that I have been using. I have started using this product approximately three or four years ago. Although I’ve stopped using the lotion for approximately a year, I went back to it anyway. And it has become my all time favourite! However, I must give you guys a heads up that it takes time to see its effect.

$6 Clean & Clear vs $30 Vichy 

It was actually a friend who suggested this moisturizer to me. At first I had a pretty bad impression of Clean & Clear. Are you sure about that? Isn’t Clean & Clear a cheap brand? I was hesitant, but I was glad I tried it! Now I can tell you guys it is actually a cheap alternative for the $30 Vichy Normaderm Moisturizer. Don’t get me wrong, Vichy’s moisturizer worked pretty well on me. But for a quarter of the price, I would prefer the Clean & Clear one.

I love Salicylic Acid!

This product is designed for oily/combination skin. One of the great ingredients they added is the salicylic 2014-11-03 18.10.45acid (BHA). Salicylic acid is one of the most popular ingredient in the market that helps fight acne bacteria. With the salicylic acid added in the lotion, it will help heal acne problems and prevent them in the long term.

This moisturizer has a faint “baby lotion” kind of scent to it. After applying it on your skin, you feel a slight cool sensation. It’s a great moisturizer in the summer to freshen your skin up!

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