Looking for an affordable waterproof pencil eyeliner that doesn’t smudge? Let me show you one of the best eyeliner pencils that I use for my day-to-day makeup look.

A little story behind this 1028 eyeliner…

How did I manage to discover this eyeliner? Well, I was in Taipei, Taiwan for a 4-day trip. In the city where a lot of popular makeup brands are founded, I just had to shop for some eyeliners that Taiwan produced. So, I spent hours shopping in Sasa and found this super awesome (and cheap) pencil eyeliner!

Introducing… 1028 Super Eye Pencil!

  • Price: Around $7~$8 CAD
  • Comes in 7 (or more) colours (I use #04, glitter brown one)
  • Highly pigmented
  • Dries quickly (need to work with it fast!)
  • Can be layered (apply more strokes for darker pigment)

2014-11-05 02.24.31

It is a very creamy pencil that goes on smoothly on your eyes. However, one problem I have with this pencil is that I constantly have to sharpen it (at a rate of twice every week). Because of its very soft tip, the pencil itself doesn’t last long.

Here is a picture I took this morning when I used it:

2014-11-05 15.50.02

In this picture, I have layered the colour two or three times for a darker pigmentation. Of course, you can just apply one layer for a lighter colour. Here is the colour #04 (Golden brown). This colour is the lighter brown out of the two browns available for this eyeliner. The glitter in this eyeliner isn’t very fine, so it doesn’t create the diamond sparkly feeling. It is more like a matte brown colour with a few gold sparkles on top.

Where can you buy this 1028 eyeliner pencil?

Honestly, I had some trouble finding out where to buy these eyeliners again especially in North America. The second time I bought them was last year from eBay.com, but it seems like no one is selling them anymore! Hopefully, someone can get their hands on it again and put them back on eBay. Please do let me know if you guys found out where to get these eyeliners again!

Leave a comment below! =)

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