Hi everyone, I’m Lisa and I would like to share something with you about myself. 

Through the 22 years of my life, I’ve always been a slow reader. Reading is really not my thing. At school, I’ve never got to finish any of the novels except for one, Lord of the Flies. And every time I flip open a book, I always end up throwing it on the floor of my room, or back to the bookshelf against the wall.

It was one day where I was speaking to a friend simply anything about life. She told me reading books is essential to any kinds of self improvement. Whether it is about businesses, relationships, or self help, books can definitely do the job. Why? Because books are written by authors who specialize in these topics. Enough said.



So, here’s my problem. How do I improve myself when I just hate reading books? I know that I can never finish a book that will take me over a week to finish. And I’m a slow reader.

And this becomes my solution. Find books that are easy to read, interesting and informative but at the same time short enough for me to finish.

‘Til this day, I am still in search of these books. And I would also like to help all of you guys out there who are also having the same problem. If I can finish these books within a week, I know you can too. Hope you will find this website useful.

Please feel free to recommend me any books you have in your mind by leaving a comment.

Here’s a little excerpt from my previous beauty blog:

With the debt I have, one of the things that I will never stop buying is skincare products.

You may ask, why? More or less, the very first impression that you make is your facial skin. Clear skin gives you an impression of someone who is healthy and clean. On top of that, it definitely boosts up your self confidence! On the other hand, poor skin relates to an individual who is unhealthy, shy, and unapproachable.

Here’s to all you young beautiful ladies out there. With such a limited amount of money, what can we do about our skin without spending hundreds (if not, thousands) of dollars a month?

The answer is finding affordable beauty products that work just as well as what you’d hope for!

All the best,


email: lisaleung1115@gmail.com
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