Hi guys!

Winter sunset from West Vancouver

Usually at this time of year when Summer is saying goodbye and Fall is knocking on our doors, I tend to feel super crappy all day and night (no joke). Especially in Vancouver, the hours of sunlight we get shorten by almost half and roads get all splashy everywhere. But this time, well, I’m super excited that Fall is here – the seasonal change reminds me of all festive activities I’ll be attending! Stuff like the October Farmer’s market I’ll be heading down to next month, Christmas market (we got a few here in Vancouver), and Celebration of Lights on New Years, and etc. Speaking of that, I would also be trying some awesome recipes that are already flooding in my Pinterest feed – pumpkin spice pastries and pies, frosted cinnamon cookies (the smell of nutmeg!), and many more other Fall and Winter food ideas. And of course, which Canadian would ever forget about the snowboarding!

I remember it was around the same time last year when I started this blog – shamelessly, I have a picture of myself in the sailor costume I wore to my friend’s Halloween party (that was pretty awesome) as my first blog post. Reflecting back to where I was in life, I would be ecstatic to get to where I am now, and what I’ve accomplished (let’s not forget about God). But, it seems like after getting a steady full time job to start off my career and a decent income to live off with as a recent graduate, I am not satisfied. Now I don’t know what am I not satisfied for – maybe, possibly, because I know I would have to work every day like this forever, and I’m just like everyone else just trying to adapt the change of environment? It would definitely be one of the answers I need to find out for myself, and it wouldn’t be until for a long time. Would anyone else think the same way as well? :S

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