Question to you guys, have you guys ever wonder why we get angry? Today as I was waiting for my car to get checked, I’ve opened up the book that I left sitting on my bedroom floor for the past few months. The book is titled as Overcoming Emotions That Destroy: Practical Help for Those Angry Feelings That Ruin Relationships by Chip Ingram and Dr. Becca Johnson. My friend gift it to me on the day of my baptism, and she sure hoped that I won’t be offended receiving the book.

2014-04-01 11.56.51So, what do I think about this book?

Although I still have not finished this book (I am very slow at reading), the first 50 pages already told me that this book is definitely worth my time to finish it. The first part of the book introduced three types of people: Spewers, Stuffers, and Leakers. This part was quite new to me. I’ve always thought that only Spewers need to deal with anger. But, this book is proving me wrong! Apparently, it’s also dangerous to become Stuffers and Leakers. The consequences of becoming Stuffers and Leakers are just as bad as Spewers!

Now back to the question, what can cause anger?

Firstly, the book mentioned that there are many background factors between each individuals of how they react. Different personalities and cultures can affect the way we deal with anger. Anger is an emotion that lets us signal and tell people that something just isn’t right. For example, often times we get angry when we feel that something is unjust or unfair. Or maybe it is a matter of self-righteousness, that you are right and they are wrong! Sometimes we let our own ego cause this emotion to happen. It may also be the insecurities that each one of us had. But be careful, no matter what the cause is, the consequences of poorly dealing with anger can be dangerous both physically and emotionally.

Is this book recommended for everyone? Even for non-believers?

Yes! It is great. You will definitely understand the contents of this book even if you do not believe in Christ. This book will offer greater insights of human behaviour, specifically on how to deal with anger. I still strongly suggest these books to everyone, especially for those who believe that anger is ruining their family relationships.

Please hang on tight for a book review on this! Or if you want, you can order this book at Amazon to read it yourself.

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